Athena Singel level 2

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Athena Singel level 2
Athena Singel level 2


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Singel Level 1 : 550€ et

Singel Level 3 = 1490€.

The Athena support system is a culmination of Entreq’s knowledge & combined technologies brought together in a support system primarily focused on the control of unwanted physical parasitic energy, high frequency noise & electronic/electrical based field effects. Therefore, by default, it bares little resemblance to almost any other support system currently available. This is simply because it tackles a gamut of problems that traditional Hifi Racks do not take in to consideration. The Athena is therefore far more effective on many levels than any comparably priced solution and can be configured in both performance and price terms to suit each customer’s system requirements, thus ensuring a dramatic reduction in the noise floor on all three fronts.
The following is a basic outline of the main areas that the Entreq Athena rack is looking to address:

• Minimal metal construction to reduce the interaction of different metals and their subsequent uncontrolled field effects on the signals themselves.
• Naturally damped, multiple constrained layered construction – not random bits of wood machined in to the shape of shelves – also a completely non-magnetic material!
• Anti-resonance porting within each shelf.
• Active Silvernet system (entire shelf) to reduce and remove RF/RFI and other noise inducing field effects, lowering the noise floor dramatically.
• Finally a Solid Silver Grounding point, found on Level 2 – 3-shelf construction, allowing the option to efficiently remove all high frequency induced field effects, leading them away to an Entreq grounding Box.

Levels of shelf performance:
Level 1:

3 constrained layers,

21mm thick.
Level 2:

8 constrained layers,

28mm thick,

Silvernet and Silver Ground post         
Level 3:

11 constrained layers,

9mm thick,

Silvernet and Silver Ground post


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Athena Singel level 2

Athena Singel level 2